Arctic Data

ArcData is currently seeking strategic investors and partners to support its objectives and vision in the following development stages.

  1. Strengthening its current role in information and data servicing and IT, science communication, stakeholder  engagement, virtual education and tools and consulting.
  2. Global Info and Data servicing, Arctic Consulting and Policy making, development of tools and services and establishment of servicing nodes e.g. in Asia, Russia, USA and the EU.
  3. Establishment of a Data Centre and Data servicing platforms.

Investor Payback and/or exit

The company income is through revenue from subscription fees to data service, fees for special data services and other services (education), and consulting fees.  Investors will also have highly valuable access to strategic know-how, information and data, networks and contacts.

For further investment and/or partnering information please contact Halldor Johannsson CEO at or +354 8992828


 Schematic Company Overview

Skema ArcData